Dawning of Mu Chapter 2


June 29th

Slowly the light dims to the dull ambiance of the hotel. The pain is gone but for the memory etched into your nerve endings
Before you stands a short middle eastern man, in shabby clothing in the process of concealing a weapon.
In an odd combination of Arnold’s inflection and Arabic tones he reaches out and says “Come with me if you want to live.”

June 30th

He pulls you up & you follow him into the elevator. Pushing the lobby button the doors close. You feel awkward. “So, uh, hey..”

July 1st

You casually ask him why he just shot you in the head. Oh also, why are you not dead. You’re not dead, right?
“I did not shoot you. They were blanks. The Encantado was riding your mind. You had to believe in your death for it to die.”

July 2nd

You rattle off multiple questions, and he answers none. The door dings and you follow him out into the lobby.

You both arrive at the parking garage and several levels later he stops at a familiar car. You were following me earlier!
He looks at you from the driver’s side. “I never stopped following you, even from Jersey. You only now noticed? Get in.”
Exasperated, he visibly calms himself, with eyes roving around the parking lot he tells you his name is Abdul Hameed.
He works with C&C Assoc, he’s here to pick you up, & if you don’t get in the car soon, something else will try to murder you.

July 3rd

You get into the car, fingering the lumpy wooden stick through your coat pocket. Hameed rolls his eyes as he gets in.
Pulling out of the spot he starts to drive. He tells you that they’re heading to another hotel register under a false name.
“You are the heir. You have a role in this, even if you refused your inheritance, you are a loose end. There is more…”
“What that is however, we do not know. We know that you still have a roll to play. You and whatever is in that chest.”

July 4th

Hameed pulls into a large parking lot. He exits the car and you follow as he reenters another and drives off once more.
“The Encantado is a South American creature, formed of the fear of the sacrificed enemies of ancient cultures.
The blood carried the fear to the rivers and formed into these beasts, but in the last century have left the river
They are carried in the fear of their hosts, moving from one mind to another. Eventually consuming their host.
You must be something very important, for 1 to cross a great ocean. Or it was compelled by something far greater than itself.

July 5th

Hameed pulls into the parking garage of an upscale hotel. Turning to you he looks you squarely in the eyes and explains
You have a target painted broad on your back, by an organization, or several interested groups with undefined resources.
What we know is that it wasn’t enough for you to have forsaken your inheritance. thx btw, that 42bill would’ve come in handy
So it means you’re still a threat to them & The only connection you’ve got is that chest still sitting in Digby’s back office
You do have 1 thing going for you though. Everyone probably still assumes you’re dead. So the answer is quite clear
You’re going to have to steal that chest.
You firmly agree. “Good,” Hameed says as he walks you up to his room. Now it’s time to meet the boss.
You are met by an attractive woman with short tight hairstyle and expensive looking dress that is cut well to her body.
She’s introduced as Mailin Adisa. She’s been expecting you, & has tea waiting. She speaks in a slow deliberate melodic voice.
After some polite inquiries to your health, she proceeds to business. The unfortunate truth is time is an important factor.
You must act with the next few hours or it will become noticeable that their creature is gone. Hameed will be your driver.
As crazy as it may sound, the best plan is to walk through the front door, proceed up to the office, & bring the chest out.

July 6th

She pauses at your skeptical look, & explains. We are fully aware of the operations of the building and its offices.
Unlike movies would suggest there are no conveniently placed cavernous sewer systems underneath the building.
It has a front entrance which is open late to allow a cleaning crew and a back entrance which only opens from within.
The cleaning crew arrives at 9 so the last attendee that leaves 10 minutes prior leaves the door open, tonight is different.
The crew will be delayed by a flat, expanding that window to at least 1 hour. Everything else is confidence.
Even were someone to see you enter & walk out, they’ll not question it so long as you act as if you’re SUPPOSED to be there.

July 7th

You ask what if the chest is heavy? She responds, “If someone is there, ask them to help. It’ll only work in your favor.”
“If not, I’m sure you’ll find a way. Worst case, if no one is there, call to Hameed for help.” With that, you set out.
Arriving at the office you sit parked half a block down the road. There’s still some time before 9. You look over at Hameed.
You look over at Hameed. Not very tall, but he looks athletic. Capable. You ask why he isn’t doing this.
You’d be far less conspicuous since you were already there earlier & Kanta already assumes you’re dead.
Were someone watching, Hameed would likely be recognized. It’s not the first time he’d had dealings with them.
Who are these people? What do they want with this chest? They already have the 42 Billion! That’s country owning money.
Hameed pauses, before responding. “The safest thing for you to know right now, they are very dangerous and very powerful”
You shouldn’t fear that those who’d harm you now have $42bill. You should fear that $42billion wasn’t their end goal.
“So what’s your story. Why are you involved?” Abdul Hameed pauses longer at this. Quietly, he responds “Family obligations”

July 8th

The time arrives, you get out and walk to the building. Mustering up the confidence you pull the door open and step in.
As calmly as you can, you try to make your way up to Digbys office the halls are darkened and quiet.
You open the door to Digby’s office, a single lamp illuminates the desk. A high-backed chair is turned away from you.
As you come toward the door in the back, you see Mr. Digby slumped over on his desk. A pool of dull red drips to the floor.

July 9th

You immediately feel a sense of nausea as you confront the gruesome scene, slapping a hand over your own mouth you scream.
Back pedaling away, you trip over something soft and fall backward slamming the back of your head on the hard floor.
You come to finding something on top of you, opening your eyes you see Digby covered in blood moaning. Oh god, he’s a zombie!
You strike out landing a solid punch into his nose. He curses and falls flat on his back.
Fumbling for your stake, you realize that zombies don’t shout expletives. You stop. Look around. Mr. Digby drunkenly sits up.
A bottle of merlot drips from the desk where Mr. Digby had passed out. The rolled carpet you tripped over reveals bare floor.
Mr. Digby attempts the politest drunken, pained, greeting his impeccable manners could achieve & asks how he can be of service.
You freeze, trying to think of what to say when all of a sudden a realization strikes you!

July 10th

You inform him that you’ve returned to sign the paperwork & accept the inheritance. He’s bewildered at 1st & slowly comes to.
You press the matter informing him, that the terms had to be signed today as he stated, and the day’s not over.
Digby points out that you refused, but you remind him specifically that you never said that you were refusing, just leaving.
“But Mr. Kanta..” Mr. Kanta was here, you interrupt, but does it specifically state he has to be here for the actual sign off?
Slowly a smile comes to Mr. Digby’s face. “No, in fact, I remember it being odd that the documents were worded as such.”
Mr. Digby sobers up enough to start sorting paperwork. He seems in good spirits, considering he’s covered in blood & wine.

July 11th

You ask what kept him in the office so late. Digby continues to sort papers in stacks, handing them over. You begin to sign.
“We’ve held this account for over 90 years, with today being the culmination of affairs.”
“And while I’ve only had to arrange things for the past month, I must confess, everything about this has made me uneasy.”
“Aside from a majority of these proceeding being atypical to standard legal matters, the size of the estate is staggering”
“But nothing seemed worse, than my interactions with Mr. Kanta, and I can’t honestly place exactly why that is.”
“I’d thought the drink to be a release of the pressure, but no matter how much I consumed the pressure continued to build.”
“Until you came back that is. It’s like I just stepped off a train set to derail. Does it make sense? Are you so deserving?”

July 12th

You fail to find an answer you’re happy with and after a several moments mutter “nothing great.”
Finishing up the paperwork takes another 20 minutes when he gets up and offers to take you to see the chest.
You enter a circular room paneled in wood & stone mosaics. At its center on a table sits a chest the size of a microwave.
Digby pulls a key out of his breast pocket and hands it to you.

July 13th

Digby appears exhausted, slightly relieved, & still about 40% drunk. As you take the key, you feel your jacket pocket vibrate.

You pull out your cell phone & answer the unknown number. Hameed’s on the other line. You don’t recall giving him your number.

“I don’t know what you’re doing in there that is taking so long. If you need an extraction, clear your throat.”
You try to explain that you’re almost done, but he interrupts to let you know that you’ve got a police officer incoming.

July 14th

You are struck with indecision about what to do. Just then the cell phone dies. You can no longer call Hameed in.

80% Ask Digby about the cop

July 15th

Digby looks confused as you ask him about the officers arrival. But shakes his head in the negative.
He asks if there should be any legal concerns you have that he should be aware of.
The circular is surrounded by wood paneling of a rich dark number. Inlaid into these panels are symbols.
Each symbol follows the same pattern. A circle with 4 radiant arms extending from it symmetrically.
You see only 1 door in. You ask Digby if there might be another way out as nonchalantly as possible. Digby looks at the wall.

July 16th

You move toward the chest. A crest sits centered in a brass plate covering the hinge. In its center is a keyhole.
You now see the crest matches the seal on the envelope you received at the start of this adventure.
What appeared as a blurred treelike symbol, now more definitely seems shaped as a giant squid, tentacles reaching upward.
You look at the harpoon shaped key in your hand and jam it into your pocket. Grabbing the handles of the chest you heave.
& just barely get the chest to the ground without crushing your foot. It’s not so heavy that you can’t lift it, but heavy.
You hear the staccato of hard soled shoes climbing the stairs at a steady pace. Callum Digby notes your apparent anxiety.

July 17th

You look Digby in the eyes and try your best to sum up everything in a few words. There’s been an attempt on your life.
You’re not sure who to trust, but all you know is you need to get back to your car safely. A moment passes between you.
A knock is heard on the door of his office. Digby snaps to, pointing at one of the panels. “Counter clockwise and push”
As you begin to drag the chest to the wall, Callum Digby closes the door behind him. You hear him call out with an inquiry.
You reach the panel, grasping at the central circle you feel the zigzag pattern sticks out like a handle. you turn it.
You hear through the door, a heated exchange between him & whoever’s outside his office. Oddly you also hear a copier running
You walk a short distance into an alcove and step into an ancient looking single occupant elevator.
Stepping over the suitcase you push the chest onto the platform. There is barely any room for you to stand in it.
As you face back the way came you hear slamming start on a door in the distance. The panel is slowly moving back to shut.
The sound of a door bursting in. Shouting. A shot is fired and a body slumping to the floor. The panel clicks shut.
To the right of the door you see 2 buttons. UP & DOWN. As you ponder you hear the sound of metal spinning opposite the panel.

July 18th

You press the up button. Why? You don’t know. Something about descending into darkness now puts a pressure on your chest.
A buzzer rings before you realize that it elevator is waiting for you to pull the metallic grate shut. As you do it ascends.
There’s no room to crouch, but as you ascend past your viewpoint, you see the panel shift open. Above you see a dull light.
Now at waist height, you see a hallway leading to a door at the far end, much like the space below. Suddenly metal screeches.
The lift comes to a strained stop. The elevator stands inches below the floors level but is suddenly pulled down half a foot.
You pull the gate open as the metal continues to squelch under your feet. Stepping up on the floor, the lift drops a foot lower

July 19th

As you reach through the lift’s door, it shudders & drops another half foot. Grasping the handle, you brace yourself & pull.
Slowly inch by inch you pull the chest up the lip of the elevator, & and you lever it’s back up the lift rips down the shaft.
You fall backward pulling the chest along with your weight, and but the top of the lift clips the opposite side of the chest.
Scuttling backward as you pull the chest along, the crash of the elevator down several flights is deafening. You move on.
Finally, after dragging the now damaged chest as it scrapes along the floor, you reach the end of the hall, & find no handle.
You scrabble around looking for some mechanism to open the panel, but in the darkness find nothing.
The sound of skittering over metal comes from behind you. You turn to find the officer scrambling up the concrete.
Like an insect, it comes crawling up the wall and through the elevator door over the ceiling before dropping to the floor.
It stands & faces you. The dim light reveals the face of Callum Digby. A vicious red smile lays across his throat

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