Dawning of Mu Chapter 3


July 20th

You have no idea what’s going on right now. But you’re trying to keep your scream on the inside.
You continue to scrabble for some latch, looking back over your should as Digby advances.
You hear a guttural sound come from him, blood splattering as your name comes from its lips. The voice a harsh inhuman rasp.
It repeats your name again, this time faster, more accented, more distinct. You scrabble in the dark finding no purchase.
Closer yet, again your name, the voice more clear now. More recognizable but still tinged with malevolent desire.
It’s above you gibbering your name. Back pressed against the wall, you press back & as you do, your hand rests on a foot pedestal

July 21st

Digby grabs at your throat, with pale white hands, but you tuck your chin to your chest & stamp the heel of your hand down.
A click sounds, as you fall back hitting the floor as the panel swings out. Digby’s jaw opens impossibly wide as he crouches
Just far enough for its eye to be perfectly level to the muzzle of Hameed’s revolver. The sound of the blast is deafening.
The thing in the policeman’s outfit that was Digby flies backward missing the top half of its head and falls to the floor.
“I’m going to have to start charging you by the body, you know.”

July 22nd

Hameed pulls you up and steadies you as you begin to walk through. You ask him what that thing was? He says he’s unsure.
But if a standard shot to the head could take him down, he wasn’t much. He apologizes for his delay.
Hameed explains that the cop was moving fast and he was holding back in case he could be persuaded to leave.
You explain to him that it wasn’t the cop that came after you, it was Digby the lawyer. Hameeds stops… You do as well.

You start to ask your question, but before you can Hameed is grabbed by the back of and thrown, slamming into the wall.
You turn & are punched in the chest. You barely get your arm up in time enough to hear it break before you fly back sliding.
Your left arm is on fire, but at least you didn’t take that hit fully to the chest. Still, you feel like you were hit by a car
The lower half of Digby’s head & neck sloughs to the floor, as tentacle-like veins, recede into the creature’s shoulders.
It removes its shirt. Within its chest is centered a large demon-like face, it turns slowly gaping its maw lined with teeth.
It turns to the crumpled form of Hameed sprawled on the floor across from you. His gun lays to your right a few feet away.

July 23rd

Rolling from your back you dive for Hameeds gun, grabbing it & taking aim the delayed pain of jarring your broken arm spikes
The shot goes wild. Into Hameeds face. Oh god, it’s not a blank. The beast turns to you, now with eyes burning with anger.

July 24th

The beast rushes at you grabbing you by the throat. In a voice that sounds like meat scraping over metal it speaks
“I wanted that face.” It rasps at you, turning your face side to side “but this one will do.” You reach into your coat.
You whip your stake out and thrust into the beasts eye. It screams dropping you as it grabs at its face.
You stumble forward going for the gun you dropped when the beast grabbed you, but it’s flailing about roaring.
It grabs the stake pulling it out, but it’s as if the wood is burning the things hands. You rush forward kicking his hand.
The wood snaps, as the beast screams in renewed pain. It falls to its knees ineffectually trying to extricate the splinter.
Behind it you see Hameed get up, blood streaming down his face. Calmly he walks to where his gun lays.
Picking up the ancient looking revolver, he drops them into his palm. From his pocket, he pulls out a ring of 4 bullets.
Loading, he walks to the beast and shoots it in the back, between the shoulder blades. It drops. He shoots 3 more times.

July 25th

“Hameed you’re alive!” Looking down at the slain monster. “I should get a 20% discount for that one.”
Hameed moves to the chest, & is surprised by its weight “Exposition can wait till after we start moving. Help me with this.”
You move over & grab the side with the handle. Seeing your broken arm, Hameed asks if you’re in pain. Surpringly, you aren’t.
Hameed now a gentler in his tone, takes up most of the weight of the other broken end of the chest, & the two of you set off.
He explains that you fired a wood shot (whatever that is) but it just hit his cheek. Anywhere else would’ve left a bruise.
You pass Digby’s office but choose not to look. The peripheral of your vision is enough to keep you in nightmares for years.
Assuring you he’s fine, and that there are no hard feelings the two of you continue struggling down and out of the office.

July 26th

Hameed explains in between grunts as he helps to carry the chest down the stairs. “It was a headless man.”
They live around the world by many names Akeploi, Blemyes, Epiphagi, Thelgeth. Your more well-known Hessian of Sleepy Hollow.
This one was most likely Irish, the Dullahan. We don’t know where they come from but we do have information about them.
For starters, they don’t breed. We believe there’s a set number of them but can’t say if it’s in the hundreds or thousands.
It’s hard to pin down because they are excellent at hiding. They decapitate their victims, & assume the head for themselves.
After several hours their body changes to match. The memories and voices of the victim become their own.
You’re lucky to have survived. Not many do. Fortunately, you lucked into carrying around that bit of wood of yours.
You reach Hameed’s car and he loads the chest into the trunk. You make your way into the passenger seat. And drive off.

July 27th

You ask Hameed how he found you. He tells you that he entered once he’d heard sounds of gunfire.
By the time he made it up to Digby’s office the creature had already pulled the elevator down and started his climb up.
Assuming the floor plan was similar he made his way to the third floor only to discover the panel. But it was locked.
He’d been trying to find a way to gain access when it just popped open.
You ask about the stake, & his wooden bullets. Hameed responds “A large part of this job is being prepared in advance.”
Researching what you might be up against is key. The things out there react differently to materials. Weaknesses…
When you’re going into the unknown you load a tester. Once you know, you load the right material. Dullahan respond to wood.

July 28th

You start to ask more about it, but the car pulls to a stop in the parking lot of yet another hotel, & Hameed gets out.
As he gets you, you follow. He starts to text someone as he walks to the back of the car and then pops the trunk.
You sigh as you realize you’ll have to lug that chest with one arm. As the adrenaline starts to leave you the pain builds.
The world starts sliding away, & the floor flies up toward you, but before it does, you find yourself caught by Hameed.
I’ve got you, is the last thing you hear before blackness overcomes you.

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