Dawning of Mu Chapter 4


July 28th

When you wake up, you find yourself in bed.
Your arm’s been set and dressed in a cast. You’re exhausted & have body aches all over, but you’re whole. Who put you in PJs?

July 29th

You appear to be in a hotel room of some extravagance. A door opens up into a central sitting room where you see the chest.
Out of sight around the door, you can hear the hushed conversation between Hameed and Mailin.
You look in the mirror. Oof. You’re looking like you could use a few more days rest.
The arm is in one of those new fangled breathable nest casts that can get wet. You hit the shower finding new clothes set out
Normalcy partially returns with exception of the cast and purple blotches about your neck. You walk into the sitting room.

July 30th

You walk purposely toward the chest. Mailin & Hameed halt their conversation and watch. You find the key next to the chest.
Sliding the key past the tumbler, a magnetic force pulls the key into the chest fully. The plate spins, and the lid opens.
Opening the lid you find it is filled with an odd assortment of odd objects and devices. Affixed to the lid is a letter.

July 31st

You take the letter from the chests lid, opening the aged parchment, you begin to read
Well now…

August 4th

You start to look through the objects in the chest, Mailin walks over as you hand her the letter absent mindedly.
You count 12 leather bound journals, each with the squid logo embossed into their covers. The pages seem delicate.
You find a heavy metallic compass with exposed gear work on its back end. The compass needle, however, appears missing.

August 5th

There is something that looks like a nautical measuring apparatus. A sextant? It looks ridiculously complicated to use
You start to pick up a small leather bound packet only to discover it takes both hands. You put it down on the table.
Unfurling the case you find several small metal rods of varying tones & lengths. They seem impossibly heavy for their size
Finally, you pull out an intricately carved metallic cube. You carefully put that down, not wanting to summon a cenobite.
Turning to Mailin you say:
(The vote was missed, and a d6 was rolled with “Any of this familiar” winning)

August 6th

You turn to Mailin asking her if she’s familiar with the items in the chest. Finishing the letter, she looks through it.
She recognizes the rough intent of Sextant, but suggests that they typically create 2 focal points, whereas this creates 4.
She’s unfamiliar with the remainder of the items but corrects you in your suggestion that one of the objects is a compass.
It’s obviously a component of a larger machine. The journals on the other hand match look if the not content of their set.
The journals they have informed them of the industries to invest in, attributing to much of both his and C&Cs wealth.

August 7th

Picking up the puzzle cube once more, you turn to Mailin & say “You’re telling me THIS was more valuable than $42 billion?”
I’m saying it was more important to those parties & if the letter is at all true, then these are all clues to the land of Mu.
Hameed picks up a journal and starts thumbing through it. “But regardless, money seems no longer a concern to you.”
At your bemused look, she reports that Digby submitted all the paperwork electronically. You’ve gained your inheritance.
Dimly you remember amidst the chaos of fleeing the monster and the banging at Digby’s door, the sound of a copier working.
He must have scanned them up. As you think back, absent mindedly fingering the cube, it jumps in your hand, and emits a glow.
Everyone stops.

August 9th

You back away from the as wan light pulses through its many fine patterns. With each pulse the cube find. You nudge Hameed.
You’re glad your not paying hjim for eyerolls, because he keeps delivering. He approaches the cube and casually picks it up.
Hameed works at it’s edges, trying to twist & turn it’s parts. He caresses it. Pats it. Knocks on it & puts it up to his ear.
Hameed flies back into the wall leaving a Hameed sized indentation. You & Mailin remain unaffected.
Groggily he gets back to his feet.
You boldly (some might say stupidly) approach the cube. Looking from the cube to Hameed you determine the side facing him.
Something is percolating in your mind. Carefully, you pick up the cube, turning it so the offending side is away from you.
You pause recalling how you first touched it, & the last thing you see Hameed do. You start by activating it as you did.
The light tracing begins again. Pulsing and slowly dimming. You hold its edges and push the side facing you.
The light fades, the cube dies down. And then with a sudden burst, the coffee table in front you smashes into the wall.

August 10th

Against all laws of physics, you felt no recoil whatsoever. Well, that seems interesting & useful. But also highly dangerous.

August 11th

You fail at attempting to stuff a fist sized cube into your jeans pocket comfortably. Mailin looks at you askance.
Shrugging you say “Hameed won’t let me have a gun.” You place the cube back on the table but to the side.
You’ll have to come up with something. Do they make tactical fanny packs? Would a that possibly look cool? You’ll ask Hameed.
Grumbling Hameed suggests maybr cubes should be off limits too. You turn back to the chest.

August 12th

You move to a decorative stone table carrying the pouch with you. Placing the pouch down you roll it open. You count 16 rods.
Picking 1 at random you pull it out. It has a glassy shine to it like obsidian but shifts to greens & purples as you turn it.
As you put it down to take out another rod, the rod slowly rolls away. Ignoring it you pick out another foot long rod.
This rod has a rough metallic surface. It feels like a magnet, so you try to attach it to a metal art frame. It latches on!
Mailin squints bemusedly at the rod. “That frame is copper. Copper is a non-magnetic.”
As she says this the rod rolls off the table and rather than falling, flies upward, lodging itself into the ceiling.

August 13th

As Hameed pulls a chair up to retrieve the Obsidian rod, you pull the other off the frame & place it against the stone table.
It latches to the stone edge. You suggest to Mailin that you’re pretty sure it shouldn’t be able to do that either. She nods
Replacing the rods into the pouch the 3 of you each pull out another rod. Hameed and Mailin both show signs of discomfort.
Mailin puts hers down swaying a little. “I’m going to be sick.” She said but appears to be holding it together.
You realize your hand is in pain as you drop your rod. Grimacing Hameed holds onto his rod as he retrieves a pitcher of water.
Looking to you, you explain yo Mailin that it was slowly heating up. Meanwhile, Hameed dips his rod into the pitcher.
Frost spider webs out from it. Finally letting go, the rod stays in place as the ice fills the pitcher. “Perhaps,” Mailin says
“We should see if there are instructions in the journal. Blind as we are, this could be dangerous.”

August 14th

Mailin’s words seem to make a good deal of sense & the best place to start is at the beginning. You take the journals out.
Placing them on the desk you find that they’re numbered 1-12 in standard roman numerals on the spines. You sort & stack them.
Picking up the top book you retire back to a chair. Mailin & Hameed each grab a book as well, 2 and 3 respectively.
You suggest that while you read through the 1st book in its entirety, they should scan theirs for references to the objects.
As you start to read, you smell something that kindles thoughts from the past. A cabin. Snowed in. A man you can’t remember.
You’d exhausted yourself that day sledding down & climbing up that hill a thousand times. The man twists sheets of newspaper.
A match is struck, the paper catches, and slowly the warmth spreads over the logs and then over… CRAP THE FIREPLACE!
Everyone’s hit with the same realization, as you all turn to see the stack of books ablaze by the rod that rolled into them.

August 17th

You suddenly realize that you’re not wearing a robe. It’s as if some terrible writer forgot you were in jeans and a shirt.
You whip off your shirt and fruitlessly beat at the flames. A pop suddenly draws your attention to the now shattered pitcher.
You see the firey rod slowly rolling toward the chest. To your left the icy rod. To your right, the cube.

August 18th

You grab the icy rod, overbalanced as the ice still clings to it’s end and smash it down on the firey rod. Both extinguish.
The ice melts faster than it should, while the books gutter out. You take a deep breath as you survey the mess.
Hameed stands a few feet away with a fire extinguisher. Mailin holds the cube & remaining 3 books. Finally, the worst is over
They both appear awkward. Oh right, you’re shirtless. The fire alarms activate. Sprinklers turn on & start pouring water down
So much for being discreet. You look to retrieve the rods, which appear to be in shattered fragments. You grab the pieces.
Putting them in the case you throw it into the chest & take the cube and journals from Mailin. They both move into action.
Hameed throws you a shirt while Mailin clips up two suitcases, and stacks them on a rolling luggage that Hameed rolls to her.
Sifting through the journals, they’re mostly wet ash at this point. You grab the functional end of the now lighter chest.
You make your way down to the garage & ask where you’re all going.
Hameed suggests another hotel. Mailin suggests the local C&C office. You recall that you now own a local manor house.
August 19th
You mention the Manor that you’ve inherited as you get into the passenger seat. It still feels like the driver’s side to you.
No one seems to complain so Mailin pulls up the directions and navigates. Save directions, you all drive in silence.
You’re not sure what it was in the chest that must have been worth so much to these beings. Why was it so important.
Now you wonder what their response will be when they discover that nearly all the journals & 2 of the 16 rods are destroyed.
Who knows, maybe NOW they’ll leave you alone. The GPS says that you’ve arrived at your destination. You stare out the window.
And look at the mansion as flames pour out of every window.

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