Dawning of Mu Chapter 5


August 21st

It’s been 2 days since you watched what was to be your ancestral manse burning to the ground. 2 days spent with authorities.
In those 2 days, you saw what the weight of newly acquired wealth and a tenacious management firm are fully capable of.
Alibis put you in the law office at the start of the fire, and conveniently out of the law offices before the murders.
How they were able to gather false witnesses, & push the time & cause of death to an elevator mishap, is best left unanswered
The worst you got, was an extensive repair bill for hotel damages, that were attributed to revelry over your new won wealth.
Mailin is scheduled to meet you and Hameed later on that day. Hameed has been slowly convalescing from your shot to his face.
He’s haunted the adjoining room but hasn’t been very chatty as of late, save for routine check-ins. You’ve got some time.

August 24th

With great trepidation, and quite a substantial amount of foolishness you go back to the objects within the chest.
Deciding you’ve had enough time for a while yet with the rods and cube, you look to the remaining objects.

August 26th

The compass face appears to be missing a needle, the surface shows an intricately carved pattern of swirls and symbols.
Its glass face has the feel of crystal fastened by a reddish gold fastening. Turning it over you look at it’s back.
The square columns jut out of the back interconnected with small gears. As you inspect closer to one of the columns, you find
Even greater & more intricate mechanics that seem impossibly delicate supported in a mesh fence.

August 28th

Deciding that it might be safer not to fiddle with the contraption you place it back in the chest.
With the missing 9 journals, there appears to be a lot more room in the chest. Maybe you should transfer to a sturdy backpack.
For now though you pull out the remaining 3 journals. As you do Hameed enters the suite from the adjoining room.

September 3rd

As you look to Hameed you realize that up until now, you haven’t treated him well.
You’ve shot him, got him slammed into a wall, & thinking back, even though he’s saved you many times, you never thanked him.
No wonder he’s kept distant from you. You’ve treated him like a commodity. You look up at him as he arranges the bar.

September 17th

You sidle up to the bar, as Hameed pours OJ into a glass. It’s an awkward start. It feels like you’ve not spoken in weeks.
You start off by thanking him for everything he’s done so far. He’s just nodding along and giving simple “no prob” responses
You’re not sure if he’s taking your thanks as being genuine. You try again, this time being more specific.
“Seriously. You didn’t just repeatedly save my life. That alone is something I can’t repay you for enough.”
“Throughout it all, I think it is your calm reasoned approach to everything we’ve faced, that’s helped cement me to sanity.”
“You’ve been my rock.” Hameed finishes his drink and quips. “Ok.” Hmph… not the kind of response you’d hoped for.

September 19th

You go to pour yourself a drink only to discover Hameed has already poured you one. Hmm.
Blaah, it’s JUST Orange Juice! Hameed poorly masks a smirk at your disgust. You counter by putting a journal in front of him.
After a few minutes, Mailin enters the apartment. She yelps and almost drops a holder of coffees as a journal flies at her.
Grumbling, she picks one of the couches and starts reading. Hameed finishes first and orders up some food and drinks.
As you finish you notice that Mailin somehow finished her book as well. She shrugs, as you rotate journals and dive back in.
A couple hours go by before you finish your 3rd book and look up to see them expectantly waiting on you. Where do you begin?

October 3rd

You begin. You decide to summarize the 3 books to open the dialogue for discussion of each. Starting with Book 1.
Book 1 described the theory of what Mu was, the theory of its importance, its loss, and the potential of its discovery
Book 2 Described Church’s childhood, why he developed an initial interest in the discovery of Mu, & how he began to prepare.
Book 3 told of the start of his journey and eventually to the introduction of his companion. It also gives us the first lead.
You wish that you still had the entire collection to work with, but at least this was a start.

October 4th

Through a series of shrugs and head tilts, you all decide it’s best to start at the beginning. Book One it is.

October 13th

The two look to you to take the lead, and so you begin with a discussion about the Lost Continent of Mu.
According to James Churchward, civilization did not stem from Mesopotamia, but on a continent in the Pacific called Mu.
According to his predictions, the civilization could have been as old as 50,000 years if not more.
Religiously isolated from the rest of the world, still information & pilgrims from the great continent eventually spread out.
But as refugees, the ability to translate their vast wealth of knowledge to the outside tribes was drastically curtailed.
Still, huge swaths of our early beginnings in architecture, metallurgy, religions, and science came from this forgotten land.
Pausing, Hameed reflects “Were this proven true, I could see why religious and political organizations might be opposed.”
As you and Mailin nod in agreement, you wait to see who next brings some insight into the discussion.

November 5th

Hameed gestures for the book, “It is a shame” he says “That your ancestor took a more literary route to these journals.”
Flipping through it he continues “I assume he expected for the entire collection to be read. These start at the beginning.”
“He still describes the disappearance of Mu as being predicted to have come from an ‘then’ unknown cataclysm.”
“Had he simply said ‘It was caused by this..’ from the outset, we would have a better idea of what we’re up against.
All we can tell is that it was all but erased from any existing record, & that it devastated the progression of mankind.
“Perhaps for generations,… Perhaps for eons.”

November 16th

Mailin takes a slim tablet out and starts making selections. As she does she describes the many theories originally suggested by Mu’s discovery. Its impact on world history, our culture, and not to mention the wealth and fame attributed to its discoverer.
“But what the journal doesn’t describe is something not spoken of in the book. It is more what happened after than what is described.” At the bemused look from you and Hameed, she places the tablet down a projected image shines up on the ceiling above you.
“Since it’s discovery, EVERY, and I repeat the word, EVERY one of the transactions James Churchward made was a wild success. Continually investing in new technologies at their birth, only for each company to skyrocket in performance and potential.”
Looking up you see logos and brands whizzing by. All easily recognized brands, each a powerhouse in their respective demographics. Along those holdings, a graph showing his net worth continually escalates. “Either your Great-great granduncle was omniscient,”
“Or he had access to knowledge of technology centuries if not millennia ahead of his time. At least enough to know what was viable. There’s no way to know for certain. It’s quite possible, the only bottleneck was the progress of the rest of the world.”
“There is just one problem, however.” With that, she swipes the screen to show a rudimentary Mercator map of the world. Something you might have become intimately familiar with in grade school. “There IS NO massive technologically advanced undiscovered continent.
If we’re operating under the assumption that your kin actually discovered Mu, then there should be a gross amount of evidence of it. We’ve progressed to the point where the discovery of large landmasses is a thing of the past. Hell, it didn’t exist in his age!
With that sobering, yet somewhat obvious fact, the mood in the room dies down a bit. There just doesn’t seem to be anything to tie these disparate facts together.

December 30th

You come to a decision. They seem to recognize this as both turn to you, opening the 3rd book to its last page. “We’re wasting time. We can figure this out on the way and we know where to go next.” You stab your finger down to a line bearing a name and city.”
A look crosses their faces before Hameed shrugs. “Alright,” Mailin says. “I’ll call ahead to prep the private Jet.” Nodding you put the 3 books into a leather satchel. Looking at her phone she tells the two of you. “We should be in Moscow by morning.”

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