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Hi, My name is Bebarce El-Tayib.  I’m the originator of  It’s my intention to use this site as somewhat of a warehouse for my creative endeavors.  But I’ve learned that other “nerds” out there might want to do the same, so I’ve opened Go Nerdy to others to post their content.  That being said, while I have some minimal control over the content that is put up on the site, I do not take responsibility for the content of other creators.  Every creator that posts to this site is in control of their own content, and I make no profit or claim to ownership of their content and does not reflect my own personal views and opinions.  Viewer discretion is advised.

That being out of the way, a little about me.  I’m an educational technologist with 3 children.  In my personal time, I run GoNerdy, LLC which is kind of my one-stop shop for both consultation work, as well as my creative publications.

The largest of those projects is a Table Top RPG designed to be played by Adults and Kids.  It’s called Power Outage, and you can find more about it on my dedicated site

Separate from that I’ve done some audiobook work, and plan to release a series of children’s books that center around Educational STEM lessons.

The rest of it is a series of half thought game designs, pitches, online activities, and design developments.

If you need to look me up I can be reached on Twitter @bebarce

Thanks and Enjoy the site!

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