Dawning of Mu Chapter 6


April 13th

You stir the ice in your screwdriver. Looking to the back of the cabin, you see Hameed’s pulled out the sleeper sofa and is resting comfortably. Mailin, as always, is engrossed in paperwork. “How much longer is this flight, it feels like it’s been months!”
“Oh, have you become so accustomed to rich living that your own personal Falcon 7X is tiresome to you?”
Considering this for a moment, you ask “Is there an 8X?” Mailin ignores you and returns to her paperwork.
The flight doesn’t take much longer. You disembark and make your way through customs. Nothing seems to go amiss with exception of Hameed’s “random” inspection that holds you up. The team assembled, you head out & face the world. “Uh,..do any of you speak Russian?”

June 3rd

You hail a cab. You’re fortunate enough to learn that English as a second language extends to repeatedly and loudly saying the name of your hotel over and over again to the disgruntled nodding of the driver. Mailin seems unimpressed with your handling of matters.
Reaching your hotel you settle in without conflict. other than a realization that the cab does not take debit cards, and you never got off of using the initial cards that came with your inheritance. Fortunately, Mailin thought ahead and provided the funds.
You read through your notes after settling into your suite. Hameed and Mailin immediately retire to their rooms for the night. You look at the note in your hands describing the contact Mailin provided you. A descendant from the name in the book. Katya Tesic.

June 9th

You pick up your phone and reach out to Ms. Tesic. A voice responds with an inquisitive hello. You feel a sense of relief as soon as she answers. “Hello, Ms. Tesic. We just wanted to inform you that we’ve arrived & are looking forward to meeting you.” She responds
The agent offers you the keys, as you sign the insurance paperwork. You pause for a moment, unsure what you’re doing. Wait. What’s going on? Just then your phone rings. Katya’s name shows up on the screen. You question the heart emojis as you pick up. “Hello?”
The road is through the forest is completely empty of other cars or lights, save for your own headlights. You panic suddenly realizing you must have nodded off on the road. Wait.. Where are you going? The dash illuminates with Your Love Katya’s name. “Hello?”
The cabins lights are dimmed. You see the shift of a silhouette pass across a curtained window. Finally, you can be with her. As you reach for the handle, you hesitate. You feel like something is wrong, but you can’t say what. Just then your phone rings.

June 17th

You hang up the phone and sit up in bed. The light from the bathroom clicks off as Katya slowly enters. This feels wrong somehow.
You know what pulls your attention to her as she slinks toward you. Your phone rings once again. Katya’s squints peering angrily at the device, with her vertically slit pupils. She back begins to distend outward while a crooning noise emanates from her throat.

June 30th

You decide to play it cool. Women typically don’t have bulbous protrusions growing out of their backs right? You don’t think so, but it’s hard to recall. You’re also pretty sure they should rattle as much as Katya does. No something is definitely wrong here.
“Why hello.” You say nonchalantly as you skootch back on to the bed away from her as she approaches. It seems strange, but as you move, things start to clear up in your mind. The phone keeps ringing, but you try to draw her attention away from it with your words.
“Just so you know, I don’t normally move right to the bed on the 1st date.” She smiles at you & a wave of warmth washes over you until you realize the smile is the effect of skin stretching out as a creature emerges from her back of her now splitting head.
The split creature grabs at your ankles as you try to kick back. One grabs firm with an iron grip, pinning your left foot down while you still flail with the other. The new creature peels away from its still moving host, its visage, similar to Katya’s but off.
Scream for help

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