For the past 18 years, I have worked in Technology. Of those years 15 of them have been in a full time dedicated position to Educational Institutions, with the remaining 3 split between corporate work and volunteer services.  I have dedicated roughly half my life to understanding technology but more so, understanding its impacts on education.  I’ve seen and been a part of failed initiatives, I’ve seen investments in products not live up to their promise, I’ve seen the next big thing replaced with the next big thing before the first big thing even had an opportunity to be put in the hands of the students and faculty intended to use them.

But I’ve also been witness to great achievements.  To pushing boundaries of innovation to better meet the needs of the staff and students.  I’ve seen the standard educational model flipped on its head, and products considered toys, or distractions, become integral components to a robust educational experience.  I’ve seen my (then) 3-year-old daughter type her name before she had the motor function to hold a pencil and write it.

For the first 10 years of my experience in educational technology, I worked as part of a shared services program.  The position had me move from school district to school district bringing order, uniformity, and foresight in its use of equipment and the structure of its networks.  But in every school, whether it be Blue Ribbon institutions, or newly installed charters, making its way through an opening, I’ve seen that the crux of education comes not from the access of technology, but the accessibility of communication.

It is my goal to see that not only are the channels toward greater education developed through the practical accessible implementation of technology but that careers in educational technology itself, be treated as a more structured value-driven commodity that fosters greater productivity and continued excellence in education.


My Available Services

unique solutions for any educational institution

I offer a wide variety of services that utilize my history in game design, education, and technology.  Below are some offerings, but there are more to come.

  guest speaking

I am available to speak on topics that include the use and management of technology as well as the value of Roleplay and Gamification in Education.  


A Gamified samr model

Moving through each of the SAMR levels (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition) I discuss how a gamified environment can introduce the use of technology while engaging students in collaborative gamified learning.

Speech highlights

  • Discussion a SAMR Model
  • Discourse on the benefits of a gamified curriculum
  • Utilization of online learning management systems and tools
  • Test examples of gamified measurements at each of the 4 SAMR Levels


Chromebooks as consumables

With a drive toward 1 to 1 initiatives ensuring equitable access to technology, consideration of replenishment cycles, and the accessibility of low-cost high tech devices, it’s time for districts to start considering technology as a consumable product. 

We will discuss the benefits of creating an environment that promotes investment in the students, as well as the specific changes required in policy, practice, and mindset to enable this transition.

speech highlights

  • The rationale for 1to1 Environments
  • The rationale for Consumable Model
  • The layout of Planning and Budgeting to match the district’s needs


the role of roleplay in education

Join me as I discuss what roleplay is, its impacts on learning, and how it might look like in a classroom setting.

speech highlights

  • A case for roleplaying games
  • General guidance on how roleplaying games can fit in a classroom
  • Crafting your own adventures

Professional Development

With 20 years of experience in technology and education, I am able to offer coursework on a variety of commonly used applications and equipment found in most school districts across the country

    • Google Suite – Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Drive
    • Other Google Applications – Sites, Administration, Hangouts, Gmail, etc..
    • Microsoft 365 – Client-Side
    • Microsoft 365 – Admin Side
    • Adobe Suite – Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, etc..
    • Open Source Software – Blender, Audacity, SketchUp, etc…

General Software Guidance

General Use Software used in classroom settings

  • Maker Equipment (3d Printers, Laser Etchers, CNC Routers)
  • Arduino Boards and Kits
  • Desktop PCs, Tablets, and Notebooks
  • Interactive Displays
  • AR / VR Equipment
  • eSports Setups and Gaming Software
  • Various Educational Software Applications
  • Standardized Testing SupportEducational Technology Use

educational technology guidance

Technology and Software with Specific Educational Demands

  • 1 to 1 Implementation
  • Data Flow Guidance
  • Master Scheduling
  • Networking
  • Security
  • COPPA / FERPA Compliance
  • Lab and Maker Space Setup
  • Helpdesk Processing
  • Inventory Management

ed tech practices

Support Services and Best Practices

educational content

Educational Content is currently being developed, but currently as a Part of Go Nerdy’s publishing arm, roleplaying games and children’s stories.  More to come including Curriculum and Enrichment.

The Princess STEM Series

Classic Princess Tales with a STEM Twist

Prices Coming Soon

  • A Princess’s Primer to the Theory of Evolution
  • The Princess and the Placebo

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Power Outage


Power Outage functions as an Educaitonal Aid and Source of Fun


$45.00 Hardcover

$15.00 (Digital)

  • Accessibility Guidance
  • Built-In Adventures
  • Meta Weaknesses on Villains
  • Choose Your Own Adventures
  • New GM Guidance
  • Rich Lore… Filled with Puns


Stories and more to come

Children’s Stories, Curriculum, and Activities

Prices Coming Soon

  • Once More ‘Round the Apple Tree

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