Go Nerdy has always provided technology services

before expanding into publication and educational services go nerdy has and always will provide technology solutions for any need

Go Nerdy has been operating under its name since 2006, providing technical services for personal or business needs.  Prior to that, and separate from my role as a Technologist in Education, I served as an individual contract developer and project technician.  

Through strategic partnerships, dedicated management, and direct personal attention and care, Go Nerdy can expand or shrink to meet the needs of ANY client.  

Looking for a simple home network?  Security System?  Entertainment Center Installation?

Go Nerdy.

Looking to create, modify or populate a personal or small business website? 

Go Nerdy.

Looking to do a large scale migration?  Deploy a new initiative? Rewire multilocation facilities?  

Go Nerdy.

Are you a tech services company looking to contract work?

Then be sure to Go Nerdy.




My Available Services

go nerdy has solutions for any sized project

I offer a wide variety of services that utilize my history in technology support, repair, installations and networking.

website and content services

whether your job requires a creative hand or a steady eye for detail, go nerdy is here for you

Website development

Whether you are building your site from scratch, modifying a template, or editing something already created, Go Nerdy has the skill set to provide you support and ongoing management.  

From Deployment to Hosting to Design and Maintenance, Go Nerdy can provide you with dedicated services tailored and scaled to your budget. 

content creation

Are you looking to provide more details on your products and services? Go Nerdy has writers able to detail and fill out your sites, write up tutorials, or craft advertisements and mottos.

Looking for graphics and art?  Go Nerdy employs teams of talented artists and graphic designers able to craft work directly to your purposes.

data entry

Do you have alot of content that needs to be manually entered or migrated from one system to another?  Go Nerdy provides top of the lines services with true fidelity and integrity of the source data.  

Simply provide the Source and we’ll make sure it’s in the destination as you needed it.

presentations and data analysis

Are you looking to craft a presentation or present data to a client?  Go Nerdy offers Presentation and Data Analysis services to ensure that the information you are trying to get to the client is easily read, and pleasing to the eye.

Go Nerdy can create documentation, presentations, and resports using any number of systems you need.

Installations and Cabling

dedicated high-end quality-driven installations, MIGRATIONS, REPAIRS, AND SERVICES whether they’re in new facilities or existing structures

Photo by Binyamin Mellish from Pexels


  • PC/Network Repair and Installation
  • Security Camera Networks
  • Security Systems (Alarm, Motion, etc)
  • SmartHome appliances
  • AV and Entertainment Installations
  • Troubleshooting
  • 1 on 1 Support and Training

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  • Network and Server Infrastructure
  • Security and Safety Installations
  • Switching and Wiring Closets
  • Structured Cabling
  • Kiosk Installations
  • Point of Sales Systems
  • Offsite Backup and Cloud Storage
  • Helpdesk Support and Inventory
  • Employee Training

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  • Inventory Management Systems
  • Full Suite Network Installations
  • Security and Safety Systems
  • All forms of Cabling requirements
  • Value-added reseller
  • Server, OS, and Network Support and Implementations
  • Offsite Backup and Cloud Storage
  • Virtualization and VDI
  • Kiosk, Timeclock, and Processing
  • Helpdesk / Clientside Support


Already have a dedicated staff and you’re just looking for some additional support?  Go Nerdy can provide consultation services on a whole host of issues, needs, and services.


Go Nerdy will come up with solutions that take advantage of the best solution scenarios that have impactful results.

Reliable Direction

Considered, thorough and thoughtful guidance from start to end ensures you feel comfortable with everything on the line.

Dedicated to Quality

Go Nerdy will always dedicate its focus on ensuring you have the best system in place.  Quality is measured every step of the way.


You will always be working with a dedicated specialist as long as the contract terms exist.

Budget Conscious

Go Nerdy will not price gouge or operate outside of industry-standard pricing models. It will often beat them.


Go Nerdy will always have the most skilled technician servicing your required project or contract.  


Over 14 years of dedicated experience to technology and installations, and 20 years as an independent contractor has Go Nerdy uniquely positioned to match whatever comes at it.

Support Contracts

Need someone positioned for an extended period of time?  Need someone with flexible or possible weekend hours? Go Nerdy then is the company for you.

insights and speculation

Planning for the future can be difficult in a world where technology changes rapidly.  Go Nerdy will help in future planning, budget and school needs to diminish the specter of tomorrow.