Let Kids Keep Their Chromebooks

When you have a widely accessible, low-cost device and pervasive demand for technology, the problem should be solved, right?  But that is where the eight years of arguments begin.

My solution is simple: Give students Chromebooks, and let them keep them.

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Bring Tabletop Role-Playing Games Into the Library and Classroom for Educational Opportunities Across Curricula

With educational intent, role-playing games can provide a narrative that holds students’ attention and be customized to teach specific lessons.

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A Princess’s Primer to the Theory of Evolution

The first in a new series of Princess themed STEM stories, A Princess’s Primer to the Theory of Evolution tries to tackle the complex explanation of natural selection, with a bit of magic and some creeped out Frogs.




Once More ‘Round the Apple Tree

A story about conservation, featuring a dog, a woodpecker, and six carpenters named George.





Artificial Intelligence was given the means to filter upper cognitive functions, from the root mathematics that produce outcomes, thus creating the first robotic equivalent of a soul.

But what happens when those souls have an on and off switch?