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Have you ever sat at a tiny table drinking tea with a queen? Have you fought off a horde of couch pirates with a valiant young captain by your side? Have you ever searched the wilds of a backyard jungle for buried treasure with a team of tiny explorers?. If so, then you’ve already played this game. This book is your guide to play in the world of Power Outage.  
Power Outage is a world where kids get to be heroes, and you get to guide them on their journeys. It’s a sprawling landscape that gives you complete control of the adventures you want to create. If you’re interested in playing a game that feels like a classic comic book, try the futuristic neo-Japanese metropolis of Shorai City. If you want to run a gritty detective mystery, then plumb the depths of the Atomnyy Zavod’s atomic-lit alleys. Want to attend a school of sandwich wizards in the heart of a sentient forest? The Overgrowth is calling. 


The Power Outage Guidebook includes everything you need to run or play a game with kids or adults. This book features: 
  • A complete unique set of game mechanics that features a choose-your-own-adventure CAPE system (Combat, Alternative, Puzzle, Exploration) allowing you to easily create adventures, or travel through a published series. 
  • Simplified flexible and open-character creation that allows kids to create a unique hero tailored to their preferences.  
  • Over 100 villains and henchmen, plus the rich history, geography, plot hooks and roll tables for 5 different unique regions allow you to create any kind of adventure you want.
  • A book loaded with puns and gags that make playing fun for kids and adults.
  • Guidance on accessibility for children with disabilities, differentiation, and use of the game as an educational or counseling aid.
  • A full adventure featuring 5 sessions worth of adventure in Shorai City.
  • So much more…
So start gaming with your kids today! Ignite the spark of imagination and create a new generation of tabletop gamers.

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Power Outage Open to Title Page
The Power Outage Core Guide Book
Jason Walters Profile Pic
For many of us parents, the Holy Grail of game design is the child-friendly RPG. With Power Outage, Bebarce El-Tayib has launched a well-equipped expedition upon that sacred quest, which demonstrates that his love of gaming is only matched by his love of children. But it’s left for you, the players, to imagine how it will end!


– Jason Walters

Indie Press Revolution GM


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“The game is exactly what it markets itself as: a kid-friendly, kid-focused roleplaying game. It uses easy addition mechanics and greater vs lesser rolls, a simple power system, and provides a number of tips and tools (as well as external resources) to run a game that is accessible for children across the board.”


– Anthony Dominico

Librarian, Writer, Reviewer

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“I can not praise how much work, love, and commitment went into developing this game. It is clear on every single page. Nowhere do I see unused space that hopes to have images one day. The book is full of side bars, helpful tips, breakdowns of RPG-stuff for newcomers, and more. The designs of everything have also been improved with a simple but crisp look throughout. Everything has simple color coding and symbols associated to help discern what things are and what they relate to. Moreover the book progresses smoothly through introducing itself, what the game is like, how to play, character creation, powers, and lore.”


– Wandering Alchemist

Games Blogger Reviewer

“Even if you are not interesting in playing with kids or even the system, I would still implore that you kick a few bucks Power Outage’s way because it is a quality system with a lot of thought put into it , and it is important to the hobby to be able to allow younger children to play too. And there is no one else I would entrust that quest with more than Bebarce El-Tayib, the Mr. Rogers of tabletop RPGs.”


– Mr. Puddins

Blogger and Streamer for Chromatic Chimera


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