Service Summary

Go Nerdy offers extensive support for all your hardware needs.  From planning, setup, repair or maintenance you are guaranteed to be satisfied with our work.  Work can be project driven or support contracts can be worked out for a, monthly, weekly or even daily schedule.  At Go Nerdy we are willing to match the needs of our clients.  Go Nerdy offers over 10 years of wiring experience and pc repair.

Computer Services

Computer Setup

Need a desktop set up in your home or small business?  Standalone? Networked? Portable? We can set up any device to your specifications and make recommendations on optimizing performance.

Computer Price Quoting and Purchasing

You’re business needs to balance what is needed with what can be afforded, and what will best keep you up to date.  Find out what your kids really need for their college laptops? A trained professional will ensure that you not only get what are getting what is specifically needed, but will work with you directly to help you understand how each option affects your performance.  You eliminate over spending, and over purchasing, and you guaranteed that your system is tailored to your needs at cost. We can work directly with vendors so you don’t have to, or we can assemble computers from different vendors to ensure your costs are always reasonable.

Computer Repair & Maintenance

Ever wish your local mechanic had you pay for parts at cost?  Go Nerdy will not mark up the cost of products needed for replacement.  Parts needed to replace faulty components are always checked for warranty coverage and then ordered directly by or for the consumer through our recommendations.  We will install or repair any components required.  You can also call Go Nerdy in for maintenance of your system components.  This includes complete physical cleaning, organization, and hardware testing of system components.

Network Services

Wired Network Setup

Go Nerdy offers a full spectrum of network options.  We can fully design a wired network topology for you.  Run all necessary cable and mount patch panels.  Mount and Set up all needed network nodes, including patch panels, switches, hubs, networked computers, servers and peripherals.  Go Nerdy can build your network from the Ground up or advance the abilities of your current set up.

Wireless Network Setup

Go Nerdy can effectively set up wireless networks to new and pre-existing networks, while optimizing data transfer rates and security.  From wireless computers to wireless printers, we can ensure that your network is secure, and running at its maximum speeds.

Other Hardware Services

Security and Closed Circuit Systems

We also offer other forms of network set up, from IP cameras to the wiring and set up of closed circuit camera systems.  Full systems can be estimated, designed, set up, and maintained to the exact specifications of the client.  Needed security devices can also be installed.  Digital Video Recorders can be set up and connected to existing networks and allow for remote monitoring.

Peripherals and Home Entertainment

Our experience with Technology and Networking have afforded us knowledge of hundreds of peripherals and components.  From PDA’s to MP3 players, Network Printers, to Scanners Go Nerdy has the answers to your questions.  Have you wanted your entertainment system set up?  Do you need someone to mount those surround sound speakers so that you can get the best of your home entertainment system? Go Nerdy has advanced technicians ready to set up systems to your needs with peak performance.

Contracted Technicians

Are you a Technician Contract Agency looking for skilled technicians for large projects?  Go Nerdy offers a pool of technicians that are ready and available for small to large scale projects.  All resumes of Go Nerdy employees are available, and employees contracted through Go Nerdy are guaranteed to be knowledgeable and efficient.