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Description: Gideon is half of a dynamic duo, but double an awesome individual.  Most often you can find him yelling at video games on Twitch, DMing a group of misfits, or cuddling ferrets, but he is also a humorous and entertaining writer for the comic series he co-produces with his wife @thebatclam. Overall Stand Up Guy. 
Description: BatClam is the other half of the dynamic duo and the visual artist of the Ferret Squad.  She can also often be found on Twitch but more often then not scrambling about making sure that everything is actually working, or working her butt off on some commissions, or her lighthearted webcomics.  Bats has a heart of gold and usually a hair of multiple tones.  She’s awesome!
Description: Darren is one of the most amazing, and consistent artist I’ve ever seen.  Every one of his art pieces is distinctively Darren’s and I often come across something only to check back and assure myself that it is him.  He’s also a professor and freelance illustrator.  He’s got a large presence on Instagram too, where he does live art, but you’ve probably seen his art show up in one viral list or another.
Description: Hans was one of the first people on Twitter to actively look into my work.  And he did that because he genuinely cares about the community.  You’ll often see him sharing and encouraging other community members to create and inspire as he himself creates and inspires.  He’s a software developer, blogger, and consummate GM.